Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Brief Intermission: A Northern Light

It's July! July! Where has the summer gone? Hope you all have nice weekend plans to look forward to – this week I'm off to Vermont with some friends for the Fourth of July. So looking forward to getting out of the city.

I'm currently reading A Northern Light by Jennifer Donnelly, probably the first historical fiction book I've picked up since I was in middle school. It's quite fascinating so far, what with the notes of feminism vs. patriarchy, duty vs. desire, and how sometimes all of those things blend together... Jury's still out on this one as I'm only halfway through, but you have to read this quote, because it is so lovely and I am so obsessed:

My uncle has a beautiful North Woods voice. You can hear the dry bite of a January morning in it and the rasp of wood smoke. His laughter is the sound of a creek under ice, low and rushing.

Are you picturing the hearts-for-eyes emoji? Because that's what I look like every time I reread those words. It's the kind of description that could make you fall in love with someone, don't you think?

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