Tuesday, August 4, 2015

A Brief Intermission: Everything I Never Told You

This is the book I'm reading at my book club. We're trying to make our way through the Huffington Post's list of book club recommendations. We skipped the first book because our book scouts* couldn't figure out a reason why they should care about the characters or the story. So we moved onto the second book – Celeste Ng's Everything I Never Told You, which is a "haunting debut novel about a troubled family, and the tragedy that will be either their undoing or their salvation." It's kind of a literary masterpiece.

Hannah knows nothing about that summer, of her mother's long-ago disappearance. For as long as she's been alive, the family has never spoken of it, and even if they had, it would have changed nothing. She is furious with her sister for vanishing, bewildered that Lydia would leave them all behind; knowing would only have made her more furious, more bewildered. How could you, she would have thought, when you knew what it was like? As it is, imagining her sister sinking into the lake, all she can think now is: How? And: What was it like?

*Diligent individuals who got a head start on the book and let the rest of the group know if it was worth reading. Always an asset in any book club situation.

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