Monday, November 9, 2015

A Brief Intermission: Illuminae

Normally I like to highlight snippets and quotes from the books I'm currently reading, but Illuminae has been a treasure trove from cover to cover, and I wouldn't even know where to begin. So instead I'm going to share some of the photos I've been taking obsessively while reading. The book is a goddamn work of art, honestly – I'm so stinkin' impressed with it.

There we are. Isn't it marvelous? I borrowed this from the library and by the time I was a quarter of the way through, I was sure of two things: First, Edward was a vampire. First, the hype is 1000% deserved. Second, I desperately need my own copy of this book. (Which I bought. And which will arrive just in time for Saturday's book signing with Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff.) I am mega excited about the event now! If all goes well, I'll try and do a recap of the event on here next week! xo


  1. Wow, this is gorgeous. I need to get a copy of this, I put a hold on the library a little too late, so it's going to take awhile. But yes, I'll just stare at the lovely pictures everyone else has!

    1. Aren't the pages incredible? At first I wasn't sure if I should post these pictures - they don't really give anything away, but I still never want to diminish someone's reading experience... but honestly there are just SO many things in this book to discover - you could probably read it a hundred times and still learn or find something new. Hope you enjoy!! :)