Thursday, October 29, 2015

batshit & beautiful * – Fanmix for Wild Awake

“I want to kiss you," I say, "but I seem to be holding this cat."

Skunk lifts his hand and touches it to the side of my face. His fingers are warm from carrying the hot skillet to the table. He regards me very seriously, and for a moment I wonder if he's about to tell me we should Focus on Bicycle Repair. Instead he just looks at me for a very long time.

"You're beautiful," says Skunk, "and completely batshit.”

listen )

01 // (Hospital Vespers) The Weakerthans
Doctors played your dosage like a card-trick / Scrabbled down the hallways yelling "Yahtzee!" / You tried not to roll your sunken eyes and said "Hey can you help me, I can't reach it" / Pointed at the camera in the ceiling / I climbed up, blocked it so they couldn't see

02 // Going To Your Funeral Part I Eels
I knew that you were not insane / Living in the insane world

03 // Every Single Night Fiona Apple
Every single night's a fight with my brain / If we had a double-king-sized bed, we could move in it and I'd soon forget

04 // Youth Knows No Pain Lykke Li
Come on, honey, cut yourself to pieces / Come on, honey, give yourself completely / And do it all although you can't believe it / Youth knows no pain

05 // Heavy In Your Arms Florence + the Machine
My love's an iron ball, wrapped around your ankles, over the waterfall

06 // Numb Marina and the Diamonds
I feel numb most of the time / The lower I get the higher I'll climb, and I will wonder why I got dark only to shine

07 // Mad World Gary Jules
When people run in circles it's a very, very mad world

08 // I Wanna Be Yours Arctic Monkeys
I wanna be your vacuum cleaner / Breathing in your dust / I just wanna be yours

09 // I Luv the Valley OH Xiu Xiu
That's a pill and you've got to take it / I won't rest until you take it

10 // A Better Son/Daughter Rilo Kiley
You’ll fake it if you have to, and you’ll show up for work with a smile, and you’ll be better, and you’ll be smarter, more grown up and a better daughter or son

11 // Love Out of Lust Lykke Li
We will live longer than I will / We will be better than I was / We can cross rivers with our will / We can do better than I can

12 // Falling Florence + the Machine
Sometimes I wish for falling, wish for the release, wish for falling through the air to give me some relief

13 // Don't Die in Me Mirah
And if you want something back / All the things that got cracked / When I felt like you lied to me / And all the million mistakes and the kicks in the face / But I don't want you to die in me

14 // P.S. You Rock My World Eels
I was at a funeral the day I realized I wanted to spend my life with you / And I was thinkin' about how everyone is dying / And maybe it's time to live

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