Wednesday, October 7, 2015

September/October Book Hauls

I'm running out of space on my bookshelf for all of my recent book acquisitions! Between Housing Works, Book Outlet, and all the used bookstores in Seattle, I've probably increased my library by thirty percent. Which is not saying much, since I only had like fifteen books in my apartment to start, but whatever! Space is a precious commodity in my life! Speaking of space… sorry these pictures are so big! Wish I knew how to fix it because it's giving me immense anxiety! Success!

Left: I FOUND SAVING FRANCESCA AT A USED BOOKSTORE. This was an awe-inspiring moment for me. There I was, standing in this tiny house that had been converted into a bookstore, this tiny house overflowing with cats (literally, cats around every corner), scanning the children's books section, when lo and behold – I spotted the rare Melina Marchetta, goddess of everything, her name embracing the spine of this book. I MUST HAVE IT, I said. And have it, I did.

Right: This picture and book hurl marks the start of my weekly trips to Housing Works (as well as the beginning of my Baby-Sitters Club graphic novel collection, yippee!). It started with an innocent study session – the only place where I could focus on preparing for my project management exam – and has ended ("ended") with frequent visits just to see what's new. Dear wallet: sorry I'm not sorry.

Left: My Book Outlet book hurl. I'm so excited to have gotten Siege and Storm (my favorite in the Grisha series) and Ruin and Rising (the collector's edition, which has that lovely bronze text on the cover). Also bought Wild Awake, which I feel like I frequently talk about on this blog, and Friday Never Leaving, née Friday Brown, by the illustrious Vikki Wakefield. As much as I love the original Aussie publication of Friday, I have to say that the cover of Friday Never Leaving (hardcover, not paperback) is freaking gorgeous and creepy and perfect for the book. Insert more gushing, bows down to Vikki Wakefield, etc. etc.

Right: I went to this yard sale in the Upper West Side this past Sunday. There was a woman with boxes and boxes of great books. I saw these hardcover Heroes of Olympus books, did a double take, and had to have them. I mean, seriously! Only a dollar each. I felt like I was committing theft, but I am so pleased because the only book I have left to purchase is BoO and soon there will be no more BoO HoO because my HoO collection shall be complete! (I think it's time for me to go to bed.)

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